Our infrastructure management services enable streamlined deployment of servers and applications to physical or virtual locations, regardless of size of the infrastructure. The platform is essential in saving time and money both.

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Helpdesk Support

Helpdesk support, where the executive is available to answer your queries is available at RimDesk offers support to the customers in need of the technical help.

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24/7 Monitoring

An organization or a company faces major loss if the bug occurs at any time and hence a constant monitoring. RimDesk provides a constant 24 by 7 monitoring for all the systems.


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Small Business IT support

For small scale businesses it is hectic to technically maintain their devices and systems. In such cases RimDesk provides, IT support to the small businesses at affordable costs.

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Backup management

In today’s time, information and the data play an important role. Major problems would be prevented with correct data and hence backup of every important file is required. RimDesk provides effective Backup management and keeps the clients ready in case of emergency.

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