With the recent advancements in the field of Information Technology (IT) sector, Remote support is an IT tool or software that permits the respective technician to connect to a remote computer and its consoles using internet as a medium. The objective of the support is to access the computers all over the globe. This method allows different features.

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Software installation support

Software installation support refers to a large number of support services, which are offered during the installation of software. RimDesk fixes the issues that take place during the installation of the software.
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System performance check

RimDesk helps in keeping a track of your system and performs regular checks of the system. These system performance checks are done with an intention to keep the work uninterrupted.
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Windows & third party Patch installation

In the days of crisis security now has become the major concern for every big and small organization. RimTech helps your PCs and servers keep safe and in obedience with the latest Windows and third party updates and helps in installation of the same.
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Mac Support

RimDesk provides the support to the devices working on Macintosh operating system. Mac support is provided for smooth working and effective use of the system.
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Virus cleanup

Virus is nothing but a program that serves the purpose is to create a malfunction in the system. It is thus required to clean up the virus that enters the system. RimDesk plays an effective role in helping you clean up the virus that is responsible for the malfunction of the system.
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Disk cleanup

RimDesk also provides its technical solutions in cleanup of the Disk. Disk cleanup is a part and parcel of the computer maintenance. Windows has a facility to clean the disk so as to create some free space for the user. RimDesk helps you effectively clean the drive without the loss of any vital information.
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